Board of Directors

Mary Ellen Kramer
Mary Ellen Kramer is currently President and Member of the Board of Directors of VSAT Broadband Industries Inc., a US based engineering company specializing in turn-key communications solutions for the maritime industry. Previously, Ms. Kramer served as President and Member of the Board of Directors of Broadband Maritime Inc. for seven years. Ms. Kramer began her career in the financial industry; becoming Vice President of Management Information Systems and Telecommunications at Central National Bank and Meadowlands National Bank. Subsequently, she carried out financial systems consulting for many banking and financial institutions while raising her four children. Presently, Ms. Kramer is heading a project entitled Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman, which enrolls women presidents to serve as mentors to young women who attend the Urban Assembly School of Business in New York City. The young women spend several afternoons a month shadowing their mentors in their workplace, developing their commercial experience and inspiring them to create great possibilities for themselves and their lives.
Dr. Abdelrahman Bushara Dosa
Dr. Abdelrahman Bushara Dosa is an associate professor at the University of Juba. Previously he worked as the Director General for the Regional Ministry of Agriculture for Darfur and then as the Minister of Agriculture for the Greater Darfur Region (1981-1985). From 1967 to 1982 he served as the Province Veterinary Research Officer at the Central National Research Laboratory in Sudan. During that period he also worked as a researcher at the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa in the US (1977 to 1981). He is currently serving as the Deputy President of the Board of Directors for the Sudanese Popular Development Organization (SPDO), an NGO working in relief and support of war affected Darfur people. Professional Associations: Member of the American Society of Microbiologists; Member of the Sudanese Veterinary Association; Member of the Sudanese Environmental Conservation Association.
Cindy Castano
Cindy Castano is the president of Alpha Management Group, Inc. (AMG), which is an organization that focuses on business development, management and documentary film production. She has 30 years experience in client relations, sales and business development and has been a licensed investment advisor. Prior to founding AMG, amongst several positions in sales/marketing, Cindy has worked in the investment/financial markets of USA, London, England and Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in high value, multi-million dollar accounts. Documentary film production is one of the primary elements of AMG’s business and is structured under AMG Media, a division of Alpha Management Group. Ms. Castano is currently acting as writer, editor, and producer for a documentary entitled “MY SLAVE, MY INFIDEL,” which is in production. The film focuses on the slave trade in Southern Sudan and has expanded filming as events continue to unfold Darfur, Sudan. AMG also has a documentary in negotiations which will focus specifically on the genocidal conflict in Darfur.
Suliman A Giddo
Co-Founder and President of Darfur Peace & Development, is a graduate of Khartoum University and received Masters degrees from Strayer University, in Business Administration and Fordham University in Humanitarian Assistance. His post-graduate studies included Human Resources at Maduri University, India, and Professional Management Institute at New Jersey, UK. He also earned certificates from the Institute of Virginia and a Certificate in Disaster Studies at the University of Wisconsin.
Omer Ihsas
Omer Ihsas, a renowned singer and songwriter, continues to travel Sudan with his band, named “Messenger of Peace,” and is known for his lyrics promoting peace, unity, and reconciliation among all Sudanese. In 2005 Ihsas was invited to compose original music for the film All About Darfur directed by Taghreed Elsanhouri. Ihsas was born in Nyala, South Darfur, and now sings about transcending division in Darfur and embracing peace. However, he makes clear his message is for Sudan and chooses to identify himself as ‘Sudanese’ rather than specifically ‘Darfurian’ in order to avoid emphasis on the separations within Sudanese society. He notes this mentality and focus as nationalistic and inclusive. Ihsas’ songs in the early 1990s reflected his foresight into the impending crisis that would come to Darfur without efforts among all tribes to unify and mend divisions. Omer Ihsas continues to travel and perform across Sudan and in many other African countries.
Joe Madison
Joe Madison, also known as “The Black Eagle” by his Radio-One WOL-AM listeners in Washington D.C. is one of America’s top talk radio personalities. He graduated in 1971 from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Urban Planning. Today, Madison not only uses his microphone to bring attention to social injustices here and abroad, he also challenges himself and his listeners to do something about it. He has led demonstrations and arrests in front of the Sudanese Embassy for 90 straight days to end the genocide in Darfur. Madison followed this up with a campaign to divest $93 billion in Sudan, through state pension funds. Madison has traveled three times to the war zones in southern Sudan where he participated in the freeing of more than 7,000 slaves and delivering survival kits to refugees. He organized a “Sudan Campaign” to end slavery and raised thousands of dollars to free slaves.
Salih Mahmoud Osman
Mr. Osman is a human rights attorney and activist from Darfur. For the last two decades he has provided legal representation to those who have been detained and tortured by the Sudanese government. He is a director of the Sudan Organization Against Torture (SOAT) and currently serves as a member of the Sudanese Parliament. Mr. Osman was the recipient of the HRW’s highest award in 2005. He received the ABA’s International Human Rights Defense award in 2006. In 2007, he was listed as one of the European Union’s 50 Most Influential Individuals. Also that year, he received the European Union’s top human rights award, the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.
Dr. Nageeb A. Eisa
Dr. Mohamed Nageeb Eisa is the Chief of Stockholm Convention and Chemicals Management, UNIDO. He earned a PhD in Process Industries in 1993 from the University of Technology in Compiegne, France. His previous career experience includes working as a process engineer in the Port Sudan Shell Oil Refinery, serving as a Research Associate as the University of King Abdulaziz in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and acting as a Research Fellow for the French Petroleum Institute in Paris.