Build a High School in Darfur

Help DPDO raise $163,000 for Gangy High School in Darfur

Construction on the exterior of Gangy High School is nearly complete, but we still need $163,000 to help finish construction and plan for the opening in June 2012,  Darfur students need your support! Click here to donate today.

DPDO has complied a photo book of the donors and progress of  the Gangy High School Project.  Click here to order.


Since the conflict began in 2003, secondary education in Darfur has suffered tremendously. Graduating 8th graders in rural areas have virtually no opportunity to continue their education. High schools in the city of El Fasher (capital of North Darfur) are severely overcrowded, with overflow classes held in makeshift shelters or out in the open under trees.

Gangy High School is named after a Darfur king who reigned before the time of Islam in the region.

How It Began

Summer 2007: with donations of nearly $55,000 from David and Donna Frieze and friends in Boston, DPDO began planning for construction of new high school in Darfur.

Nov. 2009- Construction team building perimeter wall

Nov. 2009- Construction team building perimeter wall

What’s been Accomplished

  • Acquired 4000 square meters of land north of the city airport
  • Reviewed and selected drawings, approved blueprints
  • Secured building permits
  • Consulted with engineers and contractors
  • Acquired building materials
  • Submitted name for Ministry of Education approval
  • Completed perimeter wall to surround campus
  • Completed drilling and installation of water well, purchase of high-quality water tank
  • Completed all construction of buildings

To be completed:

  • Install doors and windows
  • Apply stucco coating to exterior of main building
  • Install light fixtures

Where is the high school?

Gangy High School is located in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur. It is located near an airport and El Fasher University. See Google Map of location.

Draft design of high school

Draft design of high school

What is the layout?

  • 280 meters of perimeter wall
  • Main Building: two stories – 6 classrooms, 2 computer labs, 2 libraries, 4 teacher offices
  • Secondary buildings: Latrines, kitchen and cafeteria
  • Center area: a courtyard
  • The first and only high-school computer labs in Darfur. Other donors have contributed textbooks in Arabic and English for the library.

Who will attend?

460 orphans and other war-affected GIRLS in North Darfur. 360 students will be graduating eighth graders entering their first year of high school. 100 will be older students who have attended other high schools in Darfur but have not successfully passed their final high school exam. Gangy High School will prepare these students to pass the test and allow them to graduate.

How the Project gained momentum in 2009-2010

August 2009: Ante Up for Africa donated $150,000 to support construction.
November 2009: Ante Up for Africa donated $200,000 to support construction of the main buildings of the high school.
March 2010: David & Donna Frieze matched $50,000 worth of donations received from DPDO supporters, including The HOPE Campaign, Smithtown High School West, and the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme.
July 2010: DPDO received another $75,000 from Ante Up for Africa for the high school.

Construction and administrative progress through August 2011

September 11, 2009: Groundbreaking ceremony attended by North Darfur Governor, Minister of Education and many well-wishers from the community
November 2009: Perimeter wall completed
December 2009: Water well drilling and installation completed; begin construction of main building
January 2010: Foundation of main building begins
February 2010: Foundation of main building completed. DPDO purchases large water tank made of high-quality materials that will last 20+ years. Process of hiring teachers begins.
July, August 2010: Construction progress is slowed  because of rainy season, but first level complete. Construction begins on second level.

Target Completion Date: March 31, 2012.

For more information, please visit the DPDO High School Project page.

See photos of construction progress below:


$500,000 Projected total construction costs
$25,000 Projected costs of furnishings
$5,000 Projected cost of initial supplies
$TBD Projected operating costs per year

Fundraising Goal for 2011

$162,000*: To complete construction and begin monthly operation of high school.

*All donations to the Gangy High School Project, up to $50,000, were matched dollar for dollar by the Friezes in March 2009.

Contact: Katherine Naugle at 202-393-8150 or [email protected]

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