The Little NGO That Can

Despite the expulsion of international NGOs from Sudan, DPDO continues its work in Darfur. Our programs benefit thousands of women and children who have fewer and fewer options for survival.

Each month, DPDO needs:

Students at Peters Township High School at Darfur Benefit Concert in March 2010

Students at Peters Township High School at Darfur Benefit Concert in March 2010

*$2,700 for distribution of school supplies to the Schools of Peace to continue the education of over 10,000 children at fourteen schools.
* $4,500 for solar cooker training and materials in six locations. Cost per household is $30.00.
* $23,000 to support the expansion of recovery services at Kassab and Abu Shouk Women’s Centers;
* $6,400 to maintain the administration of all programs through the Washington, DC headquarters.

Though we are behind in our donations to date, failure is not an option. Thousands of Darfuri survivors depend on DPDO’s programs to recover from trauma and to reclaim their right to a peaceful, prosperous future. All of us working together can make it happen. This page is updated weekly. Visit to learn about:

* Upcoming fundraisers by DPDO supporters all over the US;
* Recent benefits – and how they did;
* Tips and tools for planning a fundraiser in your school or community.

Let us know how you will help.
Email [email protected] or call (202)393-8150.


Recent Events

July 3, 2010- Ante Up for Africa held a celebrity poker tournament in Las Vegas to raise money for DPDO and other groups working to benefit Darfuris.  For more information on the work done by Ante Up for Africa, please click here.

June 6, 2010- Students in Paul D. Schreiber High School STAND held a “Picnic for Darfur”. Students and faculty purchased tickets to participate in a day of fun, food, and political activism. The event raised $2,108 for DPDO.

May 2010- Students at Marin Country Day School held a snow cone sale for a community service project, raising $460 for DPDO.

May 2010- Students in Augustana College STAND held a “Cooking for Cookers” cookout and concert in early May. Funds were donated to DPDO’s Solar Cookers Program.

April 2010- Towson University’s College of Education held a “Dunks for Darfur” event where students made donations to dunk a professor. Raised funds were donated to DPDO

April 2010- Tiana Lightfoot Svedsen organized Art for Darfur in Dallas, TX. Supporters bought donated artwork and funds went to the DPDO Women’s Centers.

March 12, 2010- Bri Deer and students at Peters Township High School held a concert at a local church. At the event, students presented information about the conflict in Darfur in order to educate their community.

January 16, 2010- DPDO supporter Bri Deer held a purse party at her home to raise funds for DPDO.

January 2010- DPDO is Dining for Women’s Featured Program for January. Dining for Women is a national non-profit giving circle dedicated to empowering women and girls living in extreme poverty. All money raised during January events will be donated to DPDO’s Women’s Center Program. They now report $27,239 raised. For more information on Dining for Women and to sign up for a chapter in your area, visit

Have a great idea for a fundraiser? Contact DPDO at [email protected]. We’ll post your event on this page.

Photos from recent events:

Downloadable fundraising resources:

Thank you to our generous supporters.

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