Dance for Darfur

Dance Your Power for Our Sisters in Darfur, an initiative created by Vividly Woman, is raising money for the DPDO Women’s Center in Kassab IDP Camp. By registering as a dancer or by sponsoring a dancer, you are directly supporting Darfur’s women. The goal of the project is to raise money for Darfur’s women, “affirming that our dance really does matter and we can make a difference dancing”.

Registered dancers will agree to dance for fifteen minutes a day for one month and to obtain ten sponsors to support your dance for $0.33 cents per day (approximately $10 for the whole month). To register as a dancer, click here.

As a sponsor you will agree to pledge $0.33 cents per day for a month. If your sponsored dancer dances everyday that will mean you have pledged a total of approx $10.00. You can register here to sponsor a dancer. At the end of the month she will let you know how many days she danced. Then you will be asked to donate online to the Women’s Peace Center for the accurate amount (maximum $10.33).

For more information on the Dance for Darfur initiative, please visit the Vividly Woman website.

DPDO would like to thank all dancers, sponsors, and Vividly Women for their generous support of Darfur’s women.

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