Community Dialogue

The " Dara"' is the traditional forum for discussion of community issues.

DPDO promotes peace in Darfur by fostering the creation and implementation of conflict resolution strategies by Sudanese grassroots groups.

Darfuri culture values an inclusive rather than a representative process. Therefore, change therefore requires the involvement of many respected elders, community leaders, women and youth.

To bring the many and disparate parties to a consensus and to cooperate in resolution of the conflict, DPDO has formulated a three-stage initiativeon ways to resolve the conflict, DPDO has formulated a three-stage initiative.

Stage I: Agaweed Training. An Agaweed is a mediator who resolves disputes between individuals or tribes. The Agaweed system, based on compensation and forgiveness, has been used effectively in Darfur for centuries. This project seeks to restore and support the Agaweed system as a respected “best practice” for mediation efforts.

Stage 2: Community Conferences. A series of community gatherings in nine regions will bring together representatives from all ethnic groups in Darfur. With the assistance of trained Agaweed, they will discuss and formulate shared visions and goals for social and economic cooperation within and among their communities.

Stage 3: Peace Dividends. This long-term project will reward efforts at peaceful co-existence by providing communities with material and technical assistance for rebuilding, based on the goals formulated in Community Conferences.

DPDO has pursued this initiative for three years in the belief that a progressive, sustainable end to the destructive forces that grip Darfur must come from the Darfuris themselves.

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