Darfur Schools Program

Girls sitting in classroom at Ain Siro School- Sept. 2009

Girls sitting in classroom at Ain Siro School- Sept. 2009

Elementary Schools
AbdulShakor School of Peace
Al Noor School of Peace
Ain Siro School of Peace
Anka School of Peace
Daro School of Peace
Deesa School of Peace
Fashar Nomad School of Peace
Forug School of Peace
Hajar Sarri School of Peace
Jebel Ori School of Peace
Mastaria School of Peace
Muzbat School of Peace
Shegegkaro School of Peace
Shobani School of Peace
Wilfag School of Peace
High School
El Fasher High School of Peace

Thousands of children living in the refugee and internally displaced persons camps in Darfur have missed several consecutive years of their academic lives because of the intractable conflict. The Darfuri people revere education. The loss of educational opportunity is a great sorrow to families and communities. Yet thousands of school age children languish beyond the reach of relief efforts. After assessing regional needs, DPDO initiated the Darfur Schools Program. In 2005, with support from Darfur Diaries, DPDO began supporting the operation of three elementary schools in North Darfur. DPDO’s intimate connection with rural communities enabled access to unserved areas. In 2006, DPDO added two schools, then seven more in 2007. Currently DPDO sponsors 14 Schools of Peace in North Darfur and 4 in Chad, educating over 10,060 children.

View statistics of education in Sudan.

View current enrollment information for DPDO-supported schools.

Suliman Giddo with children in Abu Shouk camp

Suliman Giddo with children in Abu Shouk camp

DPDO’s goal is to provide the best possible educational environment for all students in the areas of operation. School principals are qualified educators with teaching and administrative experience. The DPDO El Fasher Manager oversees funds and supplies disbursements and develops new initiatives in coordination with principals and DPDO headquarters.  The Schools of Peace are a networked system, sharing what resources are made available.

The primary goals of the program are to :

  • Improve teacher and student performance through adequate and appropriate supplies and textbooks;
  • Provide materials and expertise to rehabilitate or construct new classrooms;
  • Provide resources for improved water supplies for students.

Forug teacher's meeting

Forug teacher's meeting

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According to a 2009 UNICEF report, there are over 300,000 school-aged children in Darfur who do not have access to education. Twenty-two schools in Darfur (with 9,597 students and 88 staff) have submitted requests for inclusion in DPDO’s Schools Program. Many more have ceased operation due to lack of resources. Given the enormity of needs within DPDO’s current schools, new ones can be added only when current commitments are met fully.

Young students at Mastaria School of Peace

Young students at Mastaria School of Peace

As the program grows, DPDO works to ensure that each school receives uninterrupted basic support as well as expanded services. The program development goals for the 2010 school year, listed below, are based on discussions with teachers and principals at each school.
View Goals for the Schools of Peace.

Meeting the needs of high school students
Many displaced rural students have no educational opportunities beyond 8th grade. To meet this pressing need, DPDO is constructing a high school in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur.
Learn more about the construction of DPDO’s new high school in El Fasher.

For more information, contact Katherine Naugle, Schools Program Coordinator, at [email protected].

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Making it Happen
Student organizations, civic groups and faith-based communities across the United States have been the driving force behind the Darfur Schools Program. Current donors include:

    * American-British Academy in Oman
    * Child Shelter International
    * George Washington University STAND
    * Glenbrook South High School STAND
    * Marin Country Day School
    * Michigan Darfur Coalition
    * Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
    * Mira Costa High School
    * Potomac School
    * Thunderbird High School STAND
    * Towson University
    * Unitarian Universalist Church

See complete list at Supporters page.

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The video clip below was filmed at Abdulshakor and Ain Siro Schools in May 2008.