Abdulshakor School of Peace

Class at Abdulshakor School

Class at Abdulshakor School

Principal: Mohammed Haroun Ahmed Nour

Teachers: 18

Staff: 5

Total Male Students: 373

Total Female Students: 393

Total Enrolled Students: 766

History: The village of Abdulshakor established a primary school from first grade through eighth grade. There were three permanent buildings along with other temporary structures made out of local materials. Once the war began, the school buildings, along with the temporary classrooms, were destroyed. The original school grounds were taken over by the Sudanese military in 2007. In the displacement camp, the people of Abdulshakor, distraught over the destruction of their school and loss of school supplies, attempted to re-establish the elementary school in a new location. They constructed classrooms with gesh (walls made of woven grass and branches) and rakuvas (roofs of women mats). However, these classrooms can be destroyed during the rainy season because they do not have proper roofing to keep out the water. Efforts are being made to provide weatherproof shelter to hold classes.

Students from damaged or closed schools in the surrounding area have swelled enrollment over the past several months.

Current needs: Mats for classrooms, textbooks, improved water supply.

Abdulshakor School Compound

Abdulshakor School Compound

Read speech by supporter Sara Koch, Student, Marin Country Day School (CA)

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