Ain Siro School of Peace

Ain Siro School grounds

Ain Siro School grounds

Supported: as of August 2005

Principal: Abdallah Ahmed Mohamed

Teachers: 14

Staff: 4

Total Male Students: 244

Total Female Students: 276

Total Enrolled Students: 520

History: In an effort to meet the demand for an increasingly large number of students to attend school, Ain Siro School of Peace was established in 1981. The village and school of Ain Siro were bombed and destroyed during the conflict. Some residents were able to rebuild temporary classes but many were displaced throughout North Darfur. Some classes were held in tents and others were built with local materials. However, the school has no fence and needs additional space to accommodate the influx of students from other schools that are not fully operational. DPDO has provided funding for classrooms built with local materials. Classrooms built with local materials are not sturdy enough to withstand the rainy season, so DPDO hopes to be able to construct more permanent classrooms during the 2010 school year.

September 2009 Ain Siro Visit

The following photos were taken during DPDO President Suliman Giddo’s trip to Darfur in September 2009. During his time at Ain Siro, Mr. Giddo met with teachers and headmasters to discuss school conditions. In particular, Mr. Giddo emphasized DPDO’s focus on providing student textbooks and supplies, as well as classroom reconstruction.

US Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration accompanied Suliman Giddo on his visit to Ain Siro School of Peace. Mr. Gration visited a 2nd grade and 5th grade classroom.