Anka School of Peace

Sponsored: as of February 2007

Sponsor: Darfur Diaries

Principal: Ibrahim Adam Ahmed

Teachers: 13

Staff: 2

Total Male Students: 205

Total Female Students: 169

Total Enrolled Students: 374

History: Anka village had been burned to the ground when the Darfur Diaries filmmakers visited in 2004. The displaced people of Anka were living under trees, trying to rebuild shelters for themselves. In spite of the circumstances, the people of the community shared with the filmmakers their determination to see their children’s education continue. Darfur Diaries is partnering with DPDO to ensure that their wish is fulfilled.

Anka School classrooms were destroyed during the war. DPDO provides weatherproof tents to serve as temporary classrooms, and hopes to begin construction on permanent classrooms in 2009.