Daro School of Peace

Sponsored: as of April 2008

Principal: Mohamedein Abdulmagood

Teachers: 13

Staff: 4

Total Male Students: 204

Total Female Students: 222

Total Enrolled Students: 426

History: Daro School was established in 1979 and built with local materials. The teachers’ office is a mud hut with roofing made of dried leaves and shrubs. Daro School is in desperate need of chairs and tables to accommodate the growing number of students enrolled. The school hosts students from first to eighth grade. Daro students had no educational materials or school supplies, and they were sharing one textbook among five students. DPDO stepped in to sponsor Daro School in April 2008 in order to help alleviate the hardships that the conflict left on children in the Daro community. DPDO will purchase new textbooks for Daro School by April 2009, so that there is one book for every two students in each area of curriculum approved by the Sudanese Ministry of Education.