Forug School of Peace

Students at Forug School

Students at Forug School

Supported: as of August 2005

Principal: Mohammadian Essa Adam

Teachers: 22

Staff: 4

Total Male Students: 573

Total Female Students: 654

Total Enrolled Students: 1227

History: Forug School of Peace is one of the oldest schools in the Kutum locality. It was established in 1975 as a boys’ school, and in the early 1990s the school added girls’ education to its curriculum. Forug School has seventeen classrooms, three of which are permanent. The rest of the classrooms are temporary shelters constructed with gesh (walls made of woven grass and branches) and rakuvas (roofs of women mats). The school also features two teachers’ offices.

Needs: The number of students enrolled at Forug are increasing rapidly. Therefore, the school is in need of new textbooks and an increased number of school supplies. A new well must be dug closer to the school (the closest well is about four kilometers away).

Students at Forug School

Students at Forug School