Hajar Sarri School of Peace

Sponsored: as of September 2007

Sponsor: Darfur Diaries

Principal Salih Saeed Adam

Teachers: 11

Staff: 3

Total Male Students: 148

Total Female Students: 176

Enrolled Students: 324

History: Established in 1967, Hajar Sarri School is located in the Arab community in Kuma locality near El Fasher. The school operated from June 2006 to October 2006, then closed due to lack of resources. DPDO helped to reestablish the Hajar Sarri School one year later. Eight classes have been constructed with gesh (walls made of woven grass and branches) and rakuvas (roofs of women mats). One office is built of concrete. DPDO will work to construct permanent shelters during 2009 to accommodate students during the rainy and winter season.

Needs: Hajar Sarri School needs seating material for the students, an increased number of water barrels, and more textbooks to accommodate a growing number of students.