Jebel Ori School of Peace

Supported: as of April 2007

Principal: Mohammadian Essa Osman

Teachers: 12

Staff: 4

Total Male Students: 322

Total Female Students: 243

Enrolled Students: 565

History: Jebel Ori School was established in 1986 as a co-educational school for children in the village. Jebel Ori previously relied on community funding. In August 2003 the School and village were attacked and 94 people were killed. After fleeing, people returned to rebuild the village. Volunteer teachers organized the local school again but were in desperate need of supplies and funding, which the community could not provide. Classes took place outside under the burning sun because the classrooms were destroyed. In April 2007, DPDO assisted Jebel Ori with purchasing tents and local building materials in order to offer students and teachers protection from harsh sunlight. DPDO has provided Jebel Ori School with educational materials and school supplies, as well as teacher and school staff salaries.

Sponsor: Glenbrook South High School (IL)

Announcement board at Glenbrook South High School

Announcement board at Glenbrook South High School

Sponsor Statement:

Students at Glenbrook South H.S. believe that education is the path to peace and justice around the globe. We know that Jebel Ori students will one day be the leaders of tomorrow. To raise funds for the Jebel Ori school we have held teach-in’s, rallied at football games, created an in-school Genocide Awareness Day, helped establish a music festival for human rights, and spoken to our local community about the need to assist the people of Darfur. We’ve raised $7,000 to date and look forward to providing even more assistance to Jebel Ori.

Matthew R. Whipple
Glenbrook South High School
4000 W. Lake Avenue
Glenview, IL 60026