Mastaria School of Peace

Mastaria students greet visitor

Mastaria students greet visitor

Sponsored: as of October 2006

Principal: Adam Ibrahim Mohamed Osman

Teachers: 15

Staff: 5

Total Male Students: 254

Total Female Students: 227

Total Enrolled Students: 481

History: The school is located in the village of Mastaria. Originally established in 1981 as an all-boys school, curriculum was added for boys in 1992. In April 2004, the school was bombed during the day and attacked by the Janjaweed militia. During the attacks, two classrooms were completely destroyed, resulting in the the deaths of three students and sending the rest fleeing from the area. The community helped to reopen the school in 2005 and it operated without any assistance until 2006. However, due to lack of funding for teachers or supplies, the school was forced to shut down.
DPDO began funding Mastaria School in 2006. At that point, teachers were able to earn consistent incomes without requiring that the students pay a monthly tuition.

Needs: There is a great demand in the village for a kindergarten, as there are an estimated 275 children between the ages of 4 and 6 in Mastaria with no formal education. Other needs of the school include a file cabinet, an additional water pump, and sports equipment.

Mastaria school grounds

Mastaria school grounds