Muzbat School of Peace

Sponsored: as of August 2006

Principal: Juma Abdallah Dafalla

Teachers: 19

Staff: 5

Total Male Students: 428

Total Female Students: 300

Total Enrolled Students: 728

Sponsor: Darfur Diaries

The Darfur Diaries filmmakers spent two nights in Muzbat village in November 2004, sleeping outside the destroyed and abandoned school building. From meeting and talking with dozens of villagers during filming, the team found that Darfurians hold as one of their highest priorities the education of their children.

History: Established 1952. The village was attacked and bombed several times and completely destroyed. Four classrooms built through local fundraising were also destroyed. Attacks have left the village with a large number of orphans who need clothing and other items. The community has returned, and the new school is located in Muzbat village. Furniture is needed for the school including seating, desks, and file cabinets.