School Goals


Group of friends at Ain Siro School

Group of friends at Ain Siro School


Currently DPDO is focused on providing the most basic needs to sponsored schools. However, there is great need for additional resources at each school.

In 2009, DPDO distributed UNICEF-donated school supplies to 37 schools throughout North Darfur. These supplies include notebooks, pencils, blackboards, and teacher kits. DPDO will apply for  these supplies again in early 2010. Distribution to schools will take place in June.

Other initiatives for 2010 will include classroom and latrine reconstruction. Many children have been attending classes held in tents or temporary classrooms made out of local building materials. Although these classrooms are adequate shelter for the dry, sunny conditions of North Darfur, they are not weather-resistant. They can be damaged or destroyed during the summer rainy season. Providing a positive and safe learning environment for students is one of DPDO’s top priorities. Other goals for the 2010 school year include the following:

Students gathered around water barrel

Students gathered around water barrel

Clean Water Fund

The schools draw their water from community wells. Staff use donkeys to transport water several times each day to supply the needs of 300 to 900 students at each school. DPDO is working to assess, upgrade or drill wells and repair pumps supplying water for the schools.

Most schools have inadequate resources for water storage; the barrels currently used are impossible to sanitize. DPDO will introduce larger khasans – molded plastic containers with lids and taps – to improve water quality and availability.
2010 Clean Water Funding Goal: $30,000

Girls writing in notebooks at Ain Siro School

Girls writing in books at Ain Siro

Book-It Fund

All schools lack textbooks sufficient for the number of students enrolled. Some schools have no textbooks at all. The war-impoverished local communities are unable to subsidize the purchase of this essential resource.

DPDO plans to procure new textbooks for all schools – one book for every two students – in each of the curriculum areas approved by the Sudanese Ministry of Education, including math, sciences, history, and Arabic language.
2010 Funding Goal: $35,000.

Additional Goals for 2010

Complete First Aid Kits for each school (with re-supply as needed);

Student Supplies Kits: art materials, paper, rulers, notebooks; currently only minimal materials are provided. DPDO is negotiating with UNICEF to provide additional kits.

Breakfast Feeding Program: Schools do not provide food for students although their rations at home are often not sufficient to extend through the week. DPDO is negotiating to collaborate with the World Food Program (WFP) to provide staple grains for student breakfasts.

Sports Equipment: Physical activity is both a way to relieve stress and to develop group identity. A sports program including soccer and volleyball would require uniforms, shoes, balls, and nets.

4-Wheel-Drive Vehicle to transport staff, equipment and supplies

Other projected new services

  • Classroom furniture –teacher desks and benches for students;
  • Breakfast feeding program; introduction of a machine that makes kisra, a thin bread, in large quantities;
  • Rehabilitation or reconstruction of school offices, classrooms and latrines;
  • Provision of uniforms or cloth to make uniforms for students;
  • A mobile clinic program

Financial support for each of these expanded services is required for a period of 2-3 years.