Shegekaro Sarri School of Peace

Sponsored as of September 2007

Sponsor: Darfur Diaries

Principal Ismail Haggar Gogol

Teachers: 7

Staff: 3

Total Male Students: 144

Total Female Students: 195

Total Enrolled Students: 339

History: Shegegkaro is the northern-most of DPDO’s schools, located not far from the border with Chad. On May 4, 2008, a busy market day in the area, a Sudanese military aircraft bombed the village of Shegegkaro, killing 11 civilians. Six students died and two were seriously injured. Two of the village’s three wells were damaged creating a severe shortage of water for the community. School sponsor, Darfur Diaries, was instrumental in securing medical evacuation for the wounded. They have also donated $5,000 in emergency funds for rebuilding. Additional funds were sent to the families of the wounded to assist with medical care. An assessment team from DPDO conducted an assessment of the damage to the wells and pumps; part of the emergency funds paid for repairs.

Shegegkaro classroom

Shegegkaro classroom