Shobani School of Peace

Supported as of February 2007

Principal: Adam Ali Ahmed

Teachers: 16

Staff: 4

Total Male Students: 352

Total Female Students: 326

Enrolled Students: 678

History: Shobani village is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Kutum, North Darfur. In 1996 the village was attacked by Arab militia and completely destroyed. The people returned and rebuilt the village. In June 2004 the village was again attacked. At the end of two days, everything was destroyed, 18 people were dead and 3 were seriously wounded. After fleeing for refuge to the village of Forug, the people again returned to Shobani to rebuild. In November 2004 they were attacked a third time; all crops and homes were destroyed. Since then the people have returned to their village to rebuild. The Shobani school was opened in 2005, but without any support until DPDO’s sponsorship began. DPDO has provided Shobani school with school supplies, educational material, teaching kits, and regular salaries for teachers. Shobani School staff is still in need of uniforms for students, additional plastic water barrels, and a computer for teachers.