Wilfag Sarri School of Peace

Wilfag school grounds

Wilfag school grounds

Sponsored as of August 2005

Sponsor: George Washington University STAND

Principal: Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed

Teachers: 12

Staff: 3

Total Male Students: 227

Total Female Students: 214

Total Enrolled Students: 441

History: Wilfag School was established in 2001 to provide kindergarten, elementary, and adult education to the communities in Kutum locality in North Darfur. The school has five classrooms that are built from local materials. Wilfag was part of a cluster of other Kutum locality schools that were attacked and destroyed during the conflict. DPDO hopes to be able to rebuild a permanent structure for Wilfag School over the next year in order to protect students from harsh weather conditions. Due to a lack of funding from the Sudanese government, neighboring schools in the Wilfag area are closing. Wilfag has therefore accepted a large influx of students from other schools. Due to the increase in student enrollment, Wilfag needs to hire at least two additional teachers, and needs funding for an additional water barrel.

Wilfag classroom interior

Wilfag classroom interior