DPDO High School Program

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Gangy High School of Peace

Sponsor: David and Donna Frieze via the D&D Fund

Most rural students in Darfur have no educational opportunities beyond the eighth grade. To help ease the pressing shortage of secondary schools, DPDO, with the financial support of David and Donna Frieze, is constructing Gangy High School in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur.

David and Donna Frieze of Boston married in the summer of 2007. They requested that in lieu of wedding gifts their friends and family send donations to DPDO.

The North Darfur State Government has allocated 4,000 square meters of land in a commercial district of El Fasher town.  A blueprint has been drafted; a perimeter wall for the compound was constructed in November 2009. Facility construction began in January 2010.

To see a Google Map of the location of the high school, click here.

The new facility will feature Sudan’s only high school computer lab, equipped with 120 computers donated by Strayer University. Other major initiatives of the school will include English language classes and a library containing both Arabic and English books.

The school will enroll 460 students each year who have been displaced and/or orphaned by the conflict.

April 2011- Gangi High School, cafeteria

April 2011- Doors and windows will be purchased and installed this month. The cafeteria is complete, and it has been painted white. This month, the classroom walls will be painted, the floors tiled. Trees were planted around the walkways. Computers will soon be moved into the computer lab.

DPDO is still in the process of acquiring desks, chairs, and bookshelves. The estimated cost to complete all final construction, furniture and supply purchases, and set-up is $100,000.

December 2010- Front of Building

December 2010- Exterior construction continues. The interior will be painted. As you can see from this photo, the construction on the exterior of the building and second floor are nearly complete.

The next steps include finishing the interior, getting the cafeteria operational, procuring furniture, and setting up classroom spaces.

DPDO is now accepting applications for the headmaster position and teaching positions. Teachers will be hired within five months, to begin work in June 2011.

Oct. 2010- High School cafeteria

October 2010- Progress Update

By early October, the high school construction team was nearly done with the first level exterior of the high school. They began to cement the exterior wall and begin work on the interiors. The cafeteria was bricked and they began working on the roof. A retaining wall was built around part of the external perimeter wall in order to prevent flooding during the rainy season. The next step is to install doors and windows.

August 2010- High School cafeteria

August 2010- Progress Update

Although DPDO encountered a few delays over the past few months, including rainy season and Ramadan, construction on the second level of the high school is now beginning. The cafeteria is nearly complete (see photo to the left), and trees have been planted around the site to provide shade.

The building’s exterior is due to to be completed by late October, and the interior will be completed by January. Headmaster and school staff will be hired this fall.

April 2009- Men pouring cement

May 2010- Progress Update

Construction on the first level of the high school building is nearly complete. Construction on cafeteria and latrines has begun. Despite recent delays caused by national elections and a government-imposed curfew for workers, the construction team is making great progress. DPDO plans to open the school to students in June 2011. Once construction is complete, DPDO staff will recruit teachers and arrange for delivery of supplies. Computers were delivered to the high school site this month and are being securely stored until construction is complete.

March 2010- Trenches dug for high school building foundation

March 2010- Trenches dug for high school building foundation

March 2010- Progress Update

In January, the high school construction team began digging the foundation for the school’s main building. The foundation was completed in March. DPDO purchased a large water tank and water pump made of high-quality materials that will last for 20+ years. Trees were planted around the perimeter of the facility. The coordination team in El Fasher is assembling a list of prospective teachers and staff for interviews in April. They are also seeking vendors for furnishings.

Dec. 09- Member of construction team with truck

Dec. 09- Member of construction team with truck

December 2009- Progress Update

DPDO has completed drilling and installation of the high school’s well system. The well pumps 2,000 gallons of water every hour,  enough to fill about 40 barrels. The well will provide an ample water supply for high school students and staff, as well as neighboring houses and businesses. Construction on the main buildings will begin in early January 2010. View photos of the well installation process below.

Entrance to high school compound

Nov. 09- Entrance to high school compound

November 2009- Progress Update

Construction has been completed on the perimeter wall which will surround the high school. The wall is 280 meters long constructed of bricks, concrete, and cement. HAC and the North Darfur state government made a donation of bricks and cement to contribute to the construction of the perimeter wall. DPDO hopes to procure an additional donation of bricks as construction continues. View photos of the perimeter wall below.

September 2009- Construction begins on Gangy High School

Workers laying bricks for outer wall of high school

Sept. 09- Workers laying bricks

During his September 2009 trip to Darfur, DPDO President Suliman Giddo saw the groundwork being laid for the new high school. A team of 24 builders worked on a perimeter wall that will secure the land area during the construction process.

El Fasher Area Manager Yagoub Abdulkarim will provide digital photos to document progress on the high school construction.

Photos of Gangy High School site construction, as of April 2011:


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