How are solar cookers made?

Solar Cooker Training Workshop in North Darfur

Materials needed:

  • sturdy cardboard form
  • glue
  • aluminum foil
  • black paint
  • cooking pot
  • plastic bag

How does the solar cooker heat food?

A solar cooker converts the suns rays into heat. The solar Cookit model is made of cardboard panels that focus sunlight on a black metal pot of food. The pot absorbs and retains heat. A clear polypropylene bag secured around the pot creates an insulating barrier of air, allowing the temperature to reach 250 degrees F -sufficient to cook several liters of food in a few hours.

Can it prepare typical Sudanese foods?

Yes, a solar cooker can prepare the staples of the Sudanese diet, including chicken, vegetables, tea, and asida (a traditional dish made of cooked wheat flour).