Upcoming Training Workshops

DPDO Solar Cooker Program Coordinator, Ali Eisa, has confirmed that 184 participants have graduated from Solar Cooker Training Workshops in 2009. He has scheduled Winter Training Workshops in several locations throughout Darfur, including the DPDO Women’s Centers in Kassab and Abu-Shouk camps.

Over 320 Darfuris have graduated from DPDO’s Solar Cooker Training Workshops since the start of the program in 2006. The program’s continued operation depends on donor support. DPDO is able to hold additional workshops and train additional families with your financial support of the Darfur Solar Cookers Program.

US Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration visited DPDO’s Women’s Center in Abu Shouk IDP camp in September 2009. Many women in the Center had completed a Solar Cooker Training Workshop and were utilizing solar cookers. Mr. Gration was impressed with their efforts and tasted rice that had been cooked with a solar cooker.