Literacy Training

Literacy class at Abu Shouk Center

A Place to Learn…

For Darfuri women, there are few opportunities to learn to read and write. In Darfur’s IDP camps, illiteracy further limits women’s income-generating options. Many women are now heads of their households and must support their children and elderly parents.

At DPDO’s Women’s Centers in Kassab and Abu Shouk camps, women who have struggled their whole lives with illiteracy are learning to read, write, and do math.

How it began

Mother with baby in literacy class

The first session of literacy training began at Abu Shouk Women’s Center in October 2009. For six months, women came to literacy class five days a week for two hours a day. Their teachers, Selwa and Eklas, motivated them to work hard and to continue their studies.

Women at Kassab Center began literacy training in Spring 2010 with their teacher, Makka. They attend morning classes five days a week in their newly renovated classroom space.

DPDO provides salaries for teachers, textbooks, notebooks, and writing materials for literacy classes.

What’s New?

In March 2010, 68 Abu Shouk women graduated from the first level of literacy training. Thrilled by their new skills, the women began a second level of training that includes basic math and advanced grammar. The curriculum was designed  by the teachers at the Women’s Center and formulated to their specific needs.

A new group of women has started the first level of literacy training at Abu Shouk. At Kassab, women will graduate from the first level of training by November 2010.