Weavers Cooperative

Hadja, weaver at Kassab Center

A Place that Supports Families…

As a matter of survival for themselves and their children, economic recovery is a primary concern of displaced women. Farming has been their traditional livelihood but they currently have no access to their lands.  They have lost husbands and brothers who were family income earners. Now they learn new ways to utilize their skills and to develop new ways to support their surviving children and, in many cases, aging parents.

In a place where job opportunities for women are very rare, DPDO is enabling Darfuri women to earn regular income.

The Basket Weavers Cooperative began at Kassab Women’s Center in October 2007. The initiative was replicated at Abu Shouk Women’s Center in September 2009. Currently 305 women participate in the Weavers Cooperatives.

The Weavers

Weavers are young women, older women, heads of households, mothers with infants- all devoted to their artistry as a means to earn income for their families. Each weavers produces 3-4 baskets per month and earns the equivalent of $10-$15 per basket, depending on its size.

Kaltoum, Kassab weaver

Faizah, Kassab weaver

Khadija, Kassab weaver


The woven baskets are made from design traditionally used to keep food warm. Designs vary in style and color, and the weavers are encouraged to be creative in the patterns they use. As a result, no two baskets are the same. Click here to see how weavers make baskets.

DPDO purchases the baskets from the weavers and sells them in the US to fair-trade retailers. Click here for a list of basket retailers.

For more information on basket styles, please visit www.darfurpeace.org/baskets.