Featured Supporters:

Change Happens Foundation has provided a grant of $15,000 to support health  education and services at the Women’s Center in Kassab IDP camp.

PowerFilm Solar is providing a foldable solar charger to power equipment and cell phones at DPDO’s Women’s Center in Kassab camp.  PowerFilm, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of thin, flexible solar modules based on a proprietary low-cost production. process.

inkheadInkhead Promotional Products is donating 220 much-needed student book bags for the literacy students at Kassab camp. Inkhead previously donated totebags to the weavers at DPDO’s Kassab Women’s Centers. specializing in Promotional Products, Promotional Pens, Custom Coffee Mugs and Promotional Tote Bags


ABA's Darfur Relief Fund American British Academy in Oman- Six dedicated students at the American-British Academy in Muscat, Oman formed the Darfur Relief Fund last year. Because of their incredible fundraising efforts in 2008, ABA’s Darfur Relief Fund was able to donate $8,410 to the Darfur Schools Program, Women’s Center, and Solar Cookers Program. DPDO thanks the members of ABA’s Darfur Relief Fund for their commitment to relief initiatives on the ground in Darfur.
Ann Arbor Teen Center- On March 13, 2009 Sarah Juster and the members of Ann Arbor STAND held a Darfur benefit dinner at the Teen Center in Ann Arbor, MI. DPDO Program Director Susan Burgess-Lent spoke at the energetic, well-attended event that raised over $3,400 for Darfur Schools.
Ante Up for Africa- In August 2009, the Ante Up for Africa celebrity poker tournament raised $300,000 for DPDO’s work in Darfur. In November 2009, Ante Up for Africa donated an additional $200,000 to help construct DPDO’s high school in El Fasher. The Ante Up for Africa organization was founded by Annie Duke, Don Cheadle, and Norman Epstein in order to raise money for relief efforts in Darfur. To date, Ante Up for Africa has raised over $2.1 million for relief efforts in Africa.
Arcadia High School STAND- Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona has been a supporter of the Darfur Schools Program for three years. They have held events including a t-shirt sale, a benefit dance concert, a fundraiser for clean water wells, and a community-wide candlelight vigil. Their efforts during the Spring 2009 semester allowed them to present DPDO with $4,000 for the Darfur Schools Program.
childshelter1 Child Shelter International- Child Shelter International is an organization dedicated to supporting relief efforts for children living in poverty. They have supported DPDO’s Abdulshakor School since 2007, helping to provide teachers and school supplies for over 650 students. In September 2008, Child Shelter International generously donated $10,000 to the Darfur Schools Program, and in September 2009 they donated an additional $5,000. DPDO thanks Child Shelter International for their important and inspiring work.
white-out-040-1 Creswell High School STAND- For three years, the STAND members at Creswell High School in Oregon have been raising money for Darfur. They have held Dessert Nights, community speeches, and Sock Hop at a local elementary school that raised $722.42. The high school members of Creswell High School also gave an assembly at that elementary school informing the children about the conflict in Darfur. Their numerous fundraising events have resulted in over $1,700 for Darfur relief programs.
dining-for-women-logo Dining for Women- “Changing the World One Dinner at a Time”- DPDO was Dining for Women’s Featured Program for January 2010. Dining for Women is a national non-profit giving circle dedicated to empowering women and girls living in extreme poverty. All money raised during January events will be donated to DPDO’s Women’s Center Program. For more information on Dining for Women and to sign up for a chapter in your area, visit
Drake High School- In the past year, students in the Sir Francis Drake High School Save Darfur Club have accomplished great feats in the field of Darfur awareness and relief projects. Of the several thousand dollars they raised for Darfur relief efforts, they contributed $3,404 to our Solar Cookers Project.
First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, Congregation Beth El- The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme and Congregation Beth El, both in Connecticut, partnered in Spring 2009 to raise money for DPDO. They also helped to raise community awareness about the conflict in Darfur. Their combined efforts resulted in over $8,000 for DPDO programs. DPDO is very grateful for their generosity and support.
First Parish in Lincoln- The First Parish Church in Lincoln, MA generously contributed their congregation’s Easter offering to support the Darfur Schools of Peace. Their donation of nearly $6,000 will equate to great improvements to the water system at each school. DPDO is very grateful for their contribution.
fourdaysfordarfur For Those Born Later- For Those Born Later, a charitable foundation, held Four Days for Darfur: The Fundraiser, The Play, and The Moment to Educate and Act in April 2008. The play, entitled The G Word: For Those Born Later was written and directed by Laura Napier and produced by Doug Claybourne. Proceeds from ticket sales and a gala fundraiser went to DPDO and two other organizations working to provide relief to the people of Darfur. Four Days for Darfur raised over $10,000.
Francis W. Parker School STAND (Chicago) Francis W. Parker School- The STAND chapter at Francis W. Parker School in Chicago has been involved in street protests, letter writing campaigns, awareness presentations, and fundraisers since 2006. The student members of the group have actively worked to raise awareness of the anti-genocide cause within their community. In August 2008, Francis W. Parker School STAND presented a $7,000 donation to DPDO to further education efforts in Darfur.
group-photo-georgetown-stand-31 Georgetown University STAND- STAND at Georgetown University has been with the Darfur Schools Program from its conception and has continued to faithfully support the students of Darfur through generous donations. STAND at Georgetown University has also been a forerunner in the organized student movement to call for an end to the genocide in Darfur. On March 25, 2009, Georgetown held DarfurFeast, a fundraiser to raise awareness about the conflict in Darfur, as well as to celebrate Sudanese culture. They presented DPDO President Suliman Giddo with a check for over $17,000.
gw-stand-21 George Washington University STAND- As part of a coalition of 270 college and high school chapters in the United States and Canada, GW STAND works to increase awareness of the ongoing crisis in Darfur. GW STAND lobbies congress, has created a comprehensive divestment campaign, planned conferences for hundreds of university students, created awareness about the genocide on campus and raised funds to support Wilfag School of Peace in Darfur.
jebelori-sponsor1 Glenbrook South High School STAND- Darfur Peace & Development has received tremendous support from the students of Glenbrook South High School STAND and their advisor, Matt Whipple. In spring 2009, Glenbrook’s STAND members held their annual Genocide Awareness Week. Students built a replica of a refugee camp and gave presentations on genocide. They contributed $3000 in July 2009.
Humanity Working to End Genocide- Humanity Working to End Genocide, a community organization based in Florida, has been very active in raising awareness about the conflict in Darfur. In July 2009, the group generously donated $3,700 to DPDO after Omer Ismaeil, a DPDO representative, gave a presentation to their community.
Ionia High School- The 12th graders in the Creative World English classes at Ionia High School raised $3,000 for the Darfur Diaries Education Project in March 2009. These dedicated students saw the Darfur Diaries film and were driven to help support the students in Darfur. The two classes held a garage sale and a dodgeball tournament fundraiser in order to raise money and awareness about the Darfur conflict.
Joyce Deutelbaum and the dedicated members of the Lafayette, Indiana community- Three churches and synagogues in the Lafayette area, Temple Israel, Saint Thomas Aquinas Church- Purdue, and the Unitarian Universalist Church, raised $2000 for our Schools Program in spring of 2008. These congregation members have worked together to raise Darfur awareness in the Lafayette community. The Lafayette community contributed an additional $1,325.75 in May 2009, after completed a community carnival fundraiser.
Leslie Thomas and contributors to DarfurDarfur- DPDO received $5,410.03 from the proceeds of DarfurDarfur, edited by Leslie Thomas. The book “is a powerful collection of images that documents life in Western Sudan since the region erupted in conflict four years ago”. The DarfurDarfur donation has been used to set up DPDO’s Amal Fund. This fund will provide education and living expenses for girls attending high schools in Darfur’s cities.
Marin Country Day School- In 2008, the Community Council members of Marin Country Day School in California accomplished an amazing feat: raising $10,000 to support education programs in Darfur. They also contributed $2,000 in July 2009 for the Solar Cookers Program.
Michigan Darfur Coalition- The members of the Michigan Darfur Coalition have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the Darfur genocide in their communities, advocate for human rights legislation, and organize creative and successful fundraisers for Darfur relief efforts. As of July 2009, the Michigan Darfur Coalition has donated $12,000 to support relief efforts in Darfur.
Mimi and Peter Haas Foundation- The generous people of the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund have contributed enormously to the ongoing success of the DPDO Schools of Peace. In 2008, for the second year in a row, DPDO received a grant of $25,000 to sustain and enrich the Darfur Schools Program. DPDO is honored to have the continued support of this foundation.
Mira Costa High School- DPDO would like the thank the Amnesty International Club and PACE Club from Mira Costa High School for their amazing commitment to helping the students in Darfur. Their “Battle of the Bands” event brought in $1500 for the Darfur Schools Program in 2008. Additionally, Mira Costa has donated over 400 literature and textbooks for DPDO’s new high school in El Fasher.
Paul D. Schreiber High School- The student body of Paul D. Schreiber High School in Port Washington, NY raised $3,641 during a DarfurFast event to benefit the Darfur Schools Program. Students pledged to abstain from the consumption of favorite foods or drinks for one day, instead donating the cost of the selected items to helping the refugees and IDPs in Darfur.
Polytechnic High School STAND- The STAND chapter at Polytechnic High School, under the amazing leadership of president Leslie Brian, has been a continued and valued supporter of the Darfur Schools Program. Their numerous advocacy events have raised awareness about the Darfur genocide in their community and they have held several fundraisers for DPDO. DPDO thanks Ms. Brian for her dedication to the Darfur cause.
Potomac High School STAND- The student members of Potomac High School stand have been valued supporters of DPDO for the past two years. They recently held a Night for Darfur fundraiser, raising $5,250 for the Darfur Schools Program. They were also able to partner with Capital Source, a local business, who generously volunteered to contribute an additional $5,000 to the important cause. Their donation will help to enrich the educational opportunities for students in Darfur.
Society for Threatened Peoples- The Society for Threatened Peoples, an independent human rights organization based in Germany, donated $7,414 to DPDO in January 2009. They designated the funds towards DPDO’s Solar Cookers Program, to provide training on solar cooker usage and construction to men and women in six IDP camps throughout Darfur.
darfurrally-0341 Springville Students for Darfur- Springville Students for Darfur is a committee started by middle and high school students in the Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District in Springville, NY. They have worked very hard to spread awareness about the genocide and raise funds for relief efforts in Darfur. Their 2008 events raised $816.29 for DPDO programs. For more information, go to
Strayer University- Strayer University generously donated 120 computers to DPDO’s new high school, currently being constructed in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur. Because of this donation, DPDO’s high school will feature the only high school computer lab in all of Sudan. The computers were shipped to Darfur in January 2009 and are being securely stored until construction on the high school is complete. Strayer University also donated $3,500 towards the shipping costs for the computers.
Thunderbird High School STAND- Thunderbird High School STAND, in Phoenix, Arizona, raised $1,250 in 2008 and $500 in 2009 for DPDO. These committed students have decided to continue sponsoring the Darfur Schools Program next semester, and we look forward to their continued support.
Towson University- In April 2009, Towson University’s College of Education sponsored two bake sales and information tables on the Towson campus for Genocide Awareness Month. The Towson students raised over $1,200 for the Darfur Schools Program and are planning another fundraising event for this semester. We are very grateful for our continued partnership with Towson University and for their recognition that educational opportunities are vital for the future of Darfur.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock- The Long Island Darfur Action Group at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in New York recently held a very successful benefit concert for DPDO. Guest artists included David Sear, Christine Lavin, and Tom Chapin. The benefit raised $5,229 for the Darfur Schools Program, and the dedicated group is planning another fundraiser for the fall.
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North- Student members of West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North STAND held a Dine for Darfur event. A speaker was invited to come to a dinner for supporters and speak about the Darfur genocide. Through this event, bake sales, and a sports tournament, STAND members were able to donate $6,000 to DPDO in October 2009.