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Decorated box sent by California students

Decorated box sent by California students

The Darfur Schools Program has seen tremendous support from schools across the US. Students ranging from kindergarten through college have held successful fundraisers and community awareness events. No matter how big or small, their goal is the same: to bring much-needed relief to the people of Darfur.

This fall, DPDO is initiating From Kids to Kids, an informal pen-pal project. Students in the US can create artwork, take photos, and write notes that will be delivered to a school in Darfur. These messages of hope and peace will brighten classrooms in Darfur and spirits of Darfuri students. DPDO encourages student supporters in the US to send correspondence to:

Darfur Peace & Development Organization
“From Kids to Kids”
P.O. Box 66475
Washington, DC 20035-6475

Correspondence packages will be delivered to a Darfur School of Peace. When possible, photos and drawings from that classroom will be sent back to DPDO.

Contact [email protected] with any questions. Please notify DPDO before sending any boxes heavier than 48 ounces (3 lbs).

This just in:

Summer camp raises money for Darfur schools

2010 Camp Variety campers and staff

This is the third year that the Camp Variety campers have supported the Darfur schools. In 2008 Camp Variety, located in Baltimore, MD, held a neighborhood carwash to raise money for Darfur, and last year they auctioned a beautiful dollhouse that they found and renovated.

This summer, campers held a bake sale and sold treats to their friends and community members. The money that they raised will go to providing school supplies at DPDO-sponsored schools in North Darfur.

DPDO truly appreciates the hard work and generosity of the Camp Variety campers and staff!

2009 Projects:

California students share school supplies with friends in Darfur

DPDO would like to thank Hannah Gottsegen’s K-2nd grade classes at Cascade Canyon School in California. The students created beautifully decorated boxes filled with school supplies for students in Darfur. The students also made friendship bracelets for their new friends at the DPDO Schools of Peace. The Cascade Canyon 2nd grade students wrote letters to the students in Darfur.

The boxes, friendship bracelets, and letters will all be delivered during an October trip to Darfur. Photos taken at the DPDO Schools of Peace will be posted on this page.

See photos of their beautiful work below:

Summer camp raises money through dollhouse sale

Children at Camp Variety in Baltimore, MD have held fundraisers for Darfur for the last two summers. In 2008, the campers organized a neighborhood carwash to raise money.

Campers and staff of Camp Variety 2009

Campers and staff of Camp Variety 2009

This summer, the campers utilized their creativity to plan a fun and unique fundraiser for Darfur. A Camp Variety counselor found a delapidated and abandoned dollhouse and brought it back to the recreation center. The campers worked hard to renovate, paint, and decorate the dollhouse, with beautiful results. They then held a raffle for the dollhouse and donated proceeds to DPDO. The campers were thrilled with the finished product and the money raised by it.

When submitting the donation from the campers, Camp Variety director Mike Naugle wrote, “Keep up the good work. I’m sure your work is always a work in progress but ultimately, like this dollhouse, I’m sure Darfur will become a great finished product.”

See photos of the campers’ work below: