Health and Wellness Recommendations

Health and Wellness Recommendations

To become a health administrator, you must be able to prioritize your basic needs. They cover the physiological, physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual aspects. However, the basic ingredient to achieve an optimal level of well-being is to meet the needs of the physical and cognitive organs. Physical well-being includes the requirement to avoid common diseases and maintain a normal state of the body. Psychological well-being focuses on a person’s vision of a healthy lifestyle.

These two aspects work hand in hand to become a healthy person. The reason for this is that the psychological aspect can affect bodily reactions, which can lead to various physiological reactions that cause an imbalance in the body.

Men’s health

The physical need of men focuses on their ability to maintain enough calories. Men consume more energy than women. Therefore, the need for calories in men is greater. Consequently, men are generally more persistent when it comes to their health. Unlike women, men’s disease tolerance is higher. This means that men often go to the doctor in terms of how they feel. Instead, they will eventually be hospitalized if the matter is too serious for them.

Health and Wellness

The psychological health of men is aimed at reducing stress. Men who are the support of the usual family in a family tend to work harder and obtain financial responsibilities. This tells everyone that men are more susceptible to the stress and tension associated with work, which puts them at risk of developing new health problems.

Women’s health

The physical need of women is less than that of men. They are more aware that they eat and drink. Women are interested in their health, and any minimal sign or symptom that may affect their activities is immediately reported to the doctor.

The psychological health of women is more dramatic than that of men. They are emotionally mature and tend to express tension in chaotic behavior. Women are more subjective than objective. This puts them at risk of developing low self-esteem or self-confidence.

Women most often face their psychological problems easily. However, they are mainly affected by psychological fixation. This means that women experience extreme reactions to stress or pressure. Or they can easily adapt to the crisis or not move forward.

Child’s Health

Physically, children’s health is the most basic. The center of your well-being includes:

  1. Growth and development, which are resolved with the help of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Appropriate exercises to improve your bodily functions.
  3. Outdoor or indoor games can improve your social needs and leadership skills.
  4. Adequate sleep and rest for the proper functioning of the mind and the transformation into an active child in the following days.


The psychological need of children is mainly related to independence. Most children do not want to be controlled. However, this behavior should not be ignored by adults, since it cannot be a favorable factor for the child.