This Movie Is Based On When You Fall In Love With Your Fiance’s Friend – Watch For Free

This Movie Is Based On When You Fall In Love With Your Fiance’s Friend – Watch For Free

Entertainment films are mainly full package films that contain romance, comedy, drama, peppy music, groovy choreography, exciting fight scenes and highly impactful dialogues. So in these films, you will find a romance plot where the hero falls head-over-heels in love with the heroine and their love story comes across several challenges. However, these challenges are fun to watch for the viewers who want to watch something simple yet to entertain before the end of the day. So if you are a viewer who wants to watch Telugu movies free that are not complicated and yet is a full package of entertainment, you should watch the film Gunturodu.

The Telugu action comedy Gunturodu is produced by Sri Varun Atluri under Claps And Whistles Entertainments’ banner. The director and the writer for the film are S. K. Satya, and megastar Chiranjeevi has narrated the film. Gunturodu features talented actors like Manchu Manoj as Kanna and PragyaJaiswal as Amrutha in the leading roles. There are many other supporting characters in the film which Rajendra Prasad has played as Suryanarayana, Sampath Raj as criminal lawyer Seshu, Kota Srinivasa Rao as MLA Koteswara Rao, Rao Ramesh as Minister Krishna Rao, Prudhviraj as Babu Rao, Kashi Vishwanath as Suryanarayana’s friend, Praveen as Kanna’s friend, Raja Ravindra as Inspector Ramesh, Bhanu Sri as Amrutha’s friend and Shakalaka Shankar. You can watch Telegu movies like Gunturodu by subscribing to a Telegu OTT platform.

The film’s story starts with Kanna, a major procrastinator in Guntur, and he takes life very casually. To curb Kanna’s bad habit, his father, Suryanarayana, looks for a bride so that Kanna can settle down in life and become serious. A girl is selected for him, and he is about to get engaged; however, fate had other plans for him. He falls in love with Amrutha, who is his fiancé’s best friend. So he no more wants to get married to someone he does not love and creates a situation where the engagement gets cancelled on its own. Amrutha also started liking him, and they develop a relationship.

However, the film’s entire tone changes when Kanna is invited to a party and comes across as a highly egotistical and short-tempered criminal lawyer named Seshu. This lawyer starts at tiff with Kanna, and as a result, Kanna starts beating up Seshu. However, his friends save him from the situation getting out of hand and vacate the party. But the main problem starts when he comes to know that Seshu is hunting him down, but the catch is that Seshu does not recognise him because, during the fight, Kanna’s face was smeared with cake. The story becomes more interesting because Amrutha is the sister of Seshu. You should watch the film to see how Kanna resolves the conflict and marries the woman he loves.

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