The Need to Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

The Need to Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

The Need to Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

You may think that as long as you vacuum and pick up the occasional mess, your carpets will stay clean. The truth is, even if you scour every inch of your home diligently on a regular basis, it’s not enough to keep the germs at bay. If the individual responsible for keeping dirt from accumulating on carpets is a pet (or kids), then an hour of playtime can lead to hours of scrubbing later. If you have one or more children in the house, there is little doubt that they will spill something or roll around on the floor. If you have pets, those fur balls can also be a problem. When there is dirt or debris lying around, bacteria and fungi flourish in the damp areas and begin to multiply. In short, carpet and upholstery cleaning once a week is not enough.

Planning Ahead

No matter what commercial cleaning services in Surrey, BC you choose to use, there are some basic rules that apply. Before getting down to work, close the windows and door, turn off the air conditioning units, and light any open flames. Make sure that you have your cleaning chemicals and equipment well out of sight; nothing is more helpful in creating a “chemical” smell in a carpet than being too close to them as you clean. You don’t want any nasty fumes wafting through your house.

Basic Cleaning

Vacuum your carpets, applying the suction directly to the bottom of the carpet. Vacuuming is an important first step in any commercial cleaning routine. If you don’t vacuum your carpets, you’re basically starting from scratch when you use a carpet cleaning product, because sweeping and vacuuming beforehand will make it much easier for the cleaner to get to the dirt and really do its job.

Brush Cleaning

If you don’t have a carpet-specific steam cleaner, you can use a brush attachment on your vacuum to deep clean your carpets. Use it as directed to release the dirt from the fibers and clean from the bottom up. If you don’t have any attachments for your vacuum you can also use a stiff brush with natural bristles to clean the carpeting. Start at the bottom of the carpet and work up, making sure that all dirt is released from the fibers. Obviously, this method is not very efficient, but it will do in times of emergency or if you don’t have anything else at hand.